mountain bike crankset

Mountain Bike Groupsets: Everything you need to know

Here is my guide to mountain bike groupsets. The “groupset” is the term we use to describe for all the bits that make up a bike’s drivetrain. These parts include the shifters,... Read more »
mountain bike suspension

Mountain Bike Suspension: The Essential Guide

Mountain bike suspension is what makes it possible for you to ride more technical terrain. How much mountain bike suspension you need, is all dependent on the type of riding you do,... Read more »
mountain bike gear shifters

Mountain Bike Gear Shifters: Maybe it is time to upgrade

You may find that your gear changing isn’t as smooth as it used to be, or you are dropping your chain regularly. Alternatively, you may just fancy improving your bike with faster... Read more »
mountain bike derailleur

Mountain Bike Derailleur: Everything you need to know

Your mountain bike derailleur is what makes changing gear possible. It is a pretty clever component when you think about it. This small piece of plastic and metal allows us to ride... Read more »
mountain bike crankset

Mountain Bike Crankset: Everything you need to know

When you are considering upgrading your bike, you may want to consider changing your mountain bike crankset. Better quality cranksets will be advantageous and improve your riding experience. An upgraded mountain bike... Read more »

Mountain Bike Chains: Everything you need to know

You may think that mountain bike chains are all the same, but this is not the case. Mountain bike chains differ in quality, which has an effect on how your power is... Read more »

Guide to Choosing Mountain Bike Wheels

Wheels are just round things your bike sits on right? Yes, but there is a lot more to them than you think. You may be looking at making upgrades, or you may... Read more »
mountain bike brake pads

Mountain Bike Brakes: Get more stopping power

It is great fun going fast on your mountain bike, but stopping and slowing down is actually a good idea. A decent set of mountain bike brakes make a difference to how... Read more »
how to choose a mountain bike

Mountain Bike Dropper Seatpost: You will never go back

Fitting your bike with a mountain bike dropper seatpost, will improve your riding experience more than you could expect. After using one for a while, you will really struggle to go back... Read more »

Best Mountain Bike Upgrades: It is fun to customise

Unless you are spending lots of money on a brand new bike, it is rare that everything on it is perfect for you. There are a couple of reasons that you may... Read more »