mountain bike chainguides

Mountain Bike Chainguides: How they can help you

When I found out about mountain bike chainguides, it was a revelation. Before I fitted one on my old Scott Genius, riding the terrain around Morzine, where I live, frustratingly made my... Read more »
mountain bike pedals

Mountain Bike Pedals: Everything you need to know

As with your saddle and handlebar grips, your mountain bike pedals are points of contact with your bike. They are not just for powering along. Your choice of mountain bike pedals can... Read more »
Best Mountain Bike Saddles

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Saddles: And buyers guide

Where you put your bum is very important, therefore I thought I would put together a guide to the best mountain bike saddles. I have also found the best ones on the... Read more »
mountain bike brake pads

Mountain Bike Brake Pads: Don’t make these mistakes

There is the cliché saying “Speed is your friend”, in many cases this is true, but stopping your bike is pretty important too. So if your bike has disc brakes and they... Read more »
mountain bike handlebars

Mountain Bike Handlebars: How to choose the right ones for you

When you decide to make some changes to your bike, a good place to start is with a good set of mountain bike handlebars. Sometimes they are overlooked, probably because they are... Read more »