Giant Mountain Bikes Sale: Buy your Giant Mountain Bike Cheaper

Giant make great mountain bikes, and have a large range to choose from, they are actually great value too. But, if you can find a Giant mountain bikes sale, you may be able to buy your perfect bike cheaper. Luckily, I have found all the best places online, where you can do just that. I have also written a little overview of each bike.

Giant Mountain Bikes Overview

The fact you on this page, probably means that you have already decided what bike you want to buy. If not, you may want to check out my guide on how to choose a mountain bike. But, in short you need a bike that is suitable for the terrain you want to ride. If you look at a Giant mountain bikes sale, I cannot guarantee that the bike you are looking for will be in it. This is because, that it is a matter of timing and availability. However, you may find that bike cheaper, or even a higher specification at a better price. You may also find a great second hand example. Good luck!

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Giant Mountain Bikes Sale – Hardtails

There are currently five hardtails, that you my find in a Giant mountain bikes sale. Giant make their frames out of aluminium and carbon, but they have their own names for them.


The Giant ATX is their entry level hardtail bike, designed for cross-country riding. There are two versions, but they are very similar. Therefore, you may as well buy the cheaper version and save some money.

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Their are a few versions of the Giant Talon too. There are entry level and mid level versions to choose from. They are more capable than the ATX, thanks to their geometry. The more expensive version of the Giant Talon has an impressive specification. You can buy one with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels, depending on your taste.

[table id=127 /]


The Giant Fathom has more travel on the forks than the AYX and Talon (120mm). However, the geometry is quite similar, but it does use the more fancy Aluxx SL aluminium frame material. This makes the bike more expensive, but it is a very capable cross-country hardtail. It is also available with 27.5″ and 29″ wheels options.

[table id=128 /]

XTC Advanced

The XTC is Giant’s carbon fibre, hardtail cross-country bike. It is a fast riding lightweight racing machine, that is very versatile, especially if you opt for the plus sized tyre version.

[table id=129 /]

Giant Mountain Bikes Sale – Full Suspension

Giants uses a suspension system that they call maestro. It is a twin link pivot design. This is when the rear swing arm is attached to the front triangle by two pairs of links. It is Giant’s tried and tested method that they have been using for years, and is one of the most refined systems you will find on the market.

There are five full suspension mountain bikes on the market:


There is only one version of the Giant Stance. This is their entry level full suspension bike, with 120mm of travel. This is a very well specced bike for the price and is very capable. It even comes with a dropper seat post!

[table id=130 /]


The Giant Trance has 140mm of travel on the rear and 150mm on the fork. That is, unless you buy the 29″ version, which has just 115mm of travel on the back. However, the 29er changes the geometry significantly, and makes it more lively and capable. Again, this is a very well specced bike, with lots of up to date technology. There are four different versions of the Giant Trance with aluminium frames and three with advanced carbon frames.

[table id=131 /]


The Reign is Giant’s enduro race bike with 160mm of travel. This is a superb bike and is ideal for very rough terrain or taking on the alps. It is very well-balanced bike with sensitive suspension and forgiving flex in the frame. It is one of the best bikes you can buy in this price range. Therefore, if you can find one in a Giant mountain bikes sale, you are going to be very happy with it.

[table id=132 /]


The Giant Anthem is a cross-country race bike, but it is also great for aggressive trail riding. This 29er, is very well specced, but could do with a dropper seat post. It is a very capable and fun bike that will handle everything that most riders will throw at it.

[table id=133 /]

Giant Mountain Bikes Sale – Electric Bikes

There are three electric assist mountain bikes from Giant: Full-E+, Full-E+ SX and the Dirt-E+.

Giant’s electric mountain bikes use their own Giant SyncDrive motors and Giant EnergyPak battery systems.

The Giant Dirt-E+ electric bikes are all hardtails with 120mm travel on the forks. They are designed for light trail use and for general riding around.

The Giant Full-E+ is an electric full suspension trail bike with 140mm of travel. The fork and frame can accept Plus tyres but they come specced with slightly narrower 2.6in tyres.

The Giant Full-E+ SX is a more aggressive 160mm travel full suspension e-bike designed for trail use and a bit of enduro style riding. Equipped with all the modern equipment such as Boost axles and dropper seat posts.

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