Santa Cruz Bikes Sale: Get your dream bike for less

Santa Cruz bikes are many mountain biker’s dream mountain bikes. They have been around for about thirty years developing their range of bikes, therefore you can find Santa Cruz bikes to suit most needs. Additionally, you can expect superb quality, this is reflected in their price, as they are not the cheapest bikes. However, if you can find a Santa Cruz bikes sale, you may be able to buy your dream ride for less!

I have put all the best places to find a Santa Cruz bikes sale in one place. Hopefully, you will get lucky and find the bike you are looking for cheaper. I have also given a little overview of each bike, just so you are sure it is what you really need.


Santa Cruz Bikes Overview

You may have decided on the bike you are going to buy, and you have found this page looking for a Santa Cruz bikes sale. But, the Santa Cruz range is probably bigger than you realise. There are eleven Santa Cruz bikes to choose from, but before you spend your hard-earned cash, you need to choose a bike for the terrain you are riding. If you are unsure about which one to buy, have a look at my guide on how to choose a mountain bike.

If trail riding is your thing, there are lots of Santa Cruz bikes to choose from. From the Hightower 29er to the Nomad, with its 170mm travel. You may be lucky enough to find a Bronson in a Santa Cruz bikes sale, and be able to take on pretty much any trail for less.

Cross country riders will find the Blur, a fast way of going long distances. This is thanks to its 100mm travel and super light frame. Some riders may prefer the shorter travel and larger 29″ wheels of the Tallboy.

Enduro riders will love the Hightower LT. This bike is built to take on the EWS (Enduro World Series), so it is perfect for going fast on rough terrain.

Downhillers salivate over the beast that is the V10. This thing has 216mm of travel and can soak up anything you throw at it.

But, Santa Cruz isn’t just about amazing full suspension bikes. They also have three hardtails. The Highball is Santa Cruz’s flagship cross-country hardtail with a carbon frame. While, the Chameleon is the very versatile hardtail trail bike, and the Jackal, is their dirt jump bike. Below I have highlighted each one, and where you may get it at a reduced price.

Santa Cruz Bikes Sale – Hardtails


The Santa Cruz Highball is a carbon cross-country bike with 29″ wheels. It is very light and very skinny, designed as an all out racer for endurance riders.

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The Santa Cruz Chameleon is an aluminium hard tail, with a 120mm fork. The geometry is very traditional, with a short chain stay and a steep head angle. But, you can choose it with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels.

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The Jackal is a super fun bike that can be ridden like a BMX. It has an over engineered frame to cope with the stresses of slope style riding, and 26″ wheels for maneuverability and strength. If you are planning on riding trails, you really need to look at other bikes. The geometry and shape just isn’t suitable.

Santa Cruz Bikes Sale – Full Suspension


The Blur is Santa Cruz’s lightest bike, and is a 29″ wheeled cross-country bike. It is primarily designed for endurance riding, but in the right hands, it is a really good fun trail bike too. It only has 100mm of travel, so don’t be tackling the EWS trails in La Thuile or Finale Ligure with it.

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The Tallboy is one of the first 29er full suspension bikes for trail riding. It is quite similar to the Blur with regard to what it can handle. You can choose this bike with either 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. It is a good alternative to the Blur, if you consider it to be too much of a handful.

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The 5010 is similar to the Bronson, but is favoured by those that want something a bit lighter and more user friendly. It has less travel than the Bronson too, at 130mm, therefore it is great for trail riding. This bike comes with aluminium or carbon frames.


The Hightower is where Santa Cruz becomes tougher and moves away from cross-country bikes, and more towards “Mountain” biking. It only comes with a carbon frame, but you do get the 27.5″ and 29″ wheel choices. It has 135mm travel on the back wheel, which is plenty for a lot of riders. However, the Hightower LT is more popular, therefore, you can expect this one to be discontinued or reinvented as something else in the future.


Hightower LT

The Hightower LT is a 29″ wheel specific bike, with 150mm of travel. The bigger wheels make the LT a trail or enduro bike that can be ridden hard. The slack head angle makes it more stable at speed too.

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The Bronson is a big seller in Europe, and you see them all over the place. They look super nice and they are huge amounts of fun to ride. It comes in aluminium or carbon and has 150mm of travel and 27.5″ wheels. Even though it has lots of travel and is very capable at tackling the rough stuff, it is light enough to pedal around all day.

[table id=140 /]


The Nomad is Santa Cruz’s long travel enduro bike. It has 170mm of travel, but is still light enough to pedal up a mountain before you charge back down. It is designed to take on the alps, where you get steep climbs and rough descents. You can choose aluminium or carbon frame materials on the Nomad.

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The V10 is only for going downhill very quickly. It has a ridiculous 216mm of travel to take on the roughest terrain and biggest jumps. You can choose between 27.5″ and 29″ wheeled versions, which use two different frames.


Is your dream bike in a Santa Cruz Bikes Sale?

It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. If you are lucky, your perfect bike will be in a Santa Cruz bikes sale. I really hope you manage to find it. Please let me know if you are successful in the comments section below.

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