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I am a big fan of Trek mountain bikes. They are fun and they have great components, which means they are durable. But, they have a whole range of bikes to suit all riders. Whether you are starting out and need a decent hardtail, or you are looking for something a bit more rugged, Trek has something for you. If you do enough research, you will stumble upon a Trek mountain bike sale. However, I have done this for you, so all you need to do is click on the links below, to find the best online Trek mountain bike sale.

Trek Mountain Bikes Overview

There are about 120 different mountain bikes in the Trek website, this is a lot to choose from. You may not find all of them in a Trek mountain bike sale, but with a bit of luck you could find the one that you are looking for. Here is an overview of the bikes with some tips on how to choose the right one for you and where you should head to find the best online deals.

I am going to assume you are at the stage of knowing what kind of bike you want. Taking in to account suspension travel, wheel size etc. If not, I really suggest that you read this guide on how to choose a mountain bike. But, in short, to narrow the choice down before you scour a Trek mountain bike sale, you need to decide on the type of riding you want to do. By this, I mean cross-country, trail, enduro or downhill.

Trek Mountain Bike Sale – Hardtails

Trek make their frames from their own proprietary materials. Their aluminium frame material is known as alpha, while their carbon material is known as OCLV.

Look out for Trek hardtails with the “Iso Speed Decoupler”. This is a system that allows the seat tube flexes to make the bike more compliant.

Trek have five different types of hardtail bike:

  • Marlin – The Trek Marlin is a cross-country aluminium hardtail bike. It is an entry level bike and comes in four different models, the 4, 5,6 and 7. This is a very well priced bike, even if you don’t find one in a mountain bike sale. You may want to change the saddle and pedals (but this is common with any bike).

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  • X-Caliber – The Trek X-Caliber is another cross-country bike, that sits above the Marlin in the range. It uses Trek’s ‘Gold Alpha” aluminium frame material, and has internal cable routing for a dropper seatpost.

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  • Procaliber – All the different Trek Procalibers range use the same geometry, but their frames are made from different materials. You can buy aluminium, OCLV and super light OCLV framed bikes. They are all designed with the focus on cross country racing.

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  • Stache – The Trek Stache is a 29″ plus bike, therefore they are quite unusual. This wheel configuration means that you have a lot of rubber under you. The frame is made from the OCLV material, making it strong and light. This bike corners, accelerates, climbs and descends like a conventional bike, but with the added grip from all that rubber and reduced weight.

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  • Skye – The Trek Skye is their entry level women’s cross-country bike. These are great bikes, as long as you are not expecting to ride anything too rugged. It is ideal for off-road riding and commuting. You will find women’s versions of some of the other models listed here, so don’t think that you are limited to the Skye. However, a woman’s specific bike may not be the perfect bike for you. Have a look at my guide to buying bikes for women.

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Trek Mountain Bike Sale- Full Suspension

The Trek enduro and trail bike range uses the ABP suspension design. This stands for active braking pivot, which uses the rear axle as the rear pivot. This prevents the suspension from locking up when you use the rear brake. The enduro and trail bikes consist of:

  • Trek Fuel EX – This comes in 27.5″ or 29″ wheel sizes, and has 130mm travel. Trek make a few different versions to cater for most needs and budgets. The Fuel EX is a really nice bike to ride. If you haven’t tried one, have a look at my in depth review here.

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  • Trek Remedy – I loved this bike when I rode it at Coed y Brenin. It is a fun 150mm travel bike with 27″ wheels. They come in aluminium and carbon frames. Here is my review of the Trek Remedy 8.

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  • Trek Top Fuel – The Top Fuel is a full suspension cross-country race bike. It has 100mm of travel front and back, and comes in aluminium and carbon frames.

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  • Trek Slash– This is a fantastic enduro racing bike. It only comes with 29″ wheels and 160mm of travel. This would be my choice for the type of alpine enduro riding I do.

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  • Trek Session – If you are in to going down hill quickly, the Session is the Trek mountain bike for you. This is their downhill bike with 190mm of travel on the forks and 210mm on the rear. They all come with 27.5 wheels, with a choice of aluminium or carbon frames.

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Trek Mountain Bike Sale – Electric Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are great for giving you access to terrain you wouldn’t normally be able to get to with a conventional mountain bike. Have a look at my page about my thoughts on electric mountain bikes here.

Trek have 3 electric mountain bikes in their range:

  • Trek Powerfly – The standard Powerfly is a hardtail, with 100mm travel on the forks. The assisted power comes from a Bosch motor, to whisk you up hill. You can also buy a plus version with 2.8″ wide tyres.
  • Trek Powerfly FS – FS stands for full suspension, and the forks have 130mm travel. This bike is ideal for those that want to do cross-country riding, but fancy tackling some rougher terrain from time to time.
  • Trek Powerfly LT – LT stands for long travel, as this version has 150mm of travel on the forks. It also has the 2.8″ wide tyres as standard. These are great for riding aggressively on rough terrain. If you manage to get an LT in a Trek mountain bike sale, you will have a very versatile bike.

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=>Click here for my guide to buying used mountain bikes online<=

Good Luck!

I’m not saying that you will definitely find the perfect bike in a Trek mountain bike sale, when you need it. It is a matter of the right bike being on sale at the right time. However, the links I have provided above are good places to look.





6 thoughts on “Trek Mountain Bike Sale : Buy your discount Trek Mountain Bike

  • 26/11/2018 at 9:00 pm

    I like the Trek Skye!  I recently moved across country and left my old bike behind.  I moved as little as possible and now I am needing a new bike.  A friend has a bike she said she would give to me, and she has never ridden it.  But it is really not my style of bike, so I would rather get one that fits my style 🙂  I will go take a look at the sale on the Skye.

    • 26/11/2018 at 9:06 pm

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      The Skye is a nice bike, and great for light off-roading and commuting. As long as you are not going to take on terrain that is too technical, you will be fine.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • 26/11/2018 at 9:21 pm

    Well, that is a lot of options for mountain bikes!  I had no idea that one manufacturer could produce so many options for the mountain bike enthusiast.  For my money, a mountain bike is the best option for just about anyone that likes to ride a bike.  The only people that I think that a mountain bike might not work for are bmx enthusiasts and speed/distance cyclists.

    I like that you included a link to a guide on picking the right mountain bike.  Scrolling down your post, I was a bit overwhelmed at the idea of trying to pick one and then checking the sale price.  For me, price would be second to the actual usefulness of the bike, so the guide is a huge help.

    • 26/11/2018 at 10:16 pm

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for taking the Time to look through this page. There are a lot of options, from Trek alone. I will be creating similar posts for other brands soon. The idea behind these posts, is for those that have decided on the bike that they want, but are looking for it a cheaper price before they buy.

      Having price as the secondary consideration for buying a bike, is great. This way, you get the bike you want, however, this page may allow you to find that bike with a higher specification at a good price.

      Thanks again!

  • 26/11/2018 at 9:25 pm

    Wow, what a nice looking and well organized website. I love mountain Bikes as I have been using one myself for my rounds. I take it to work each and it is such a pleasure when i sit on and begin my days journey.

    As I was going trough all the list of Bikes you have on your website, I was a bit overwhelmed as I don’t really have much knowledge on which Bike is the best deal to buy, even though I have been using one myself. So, I decided to have a look at your guide on how to choose a bike. I have even Bookmarked that page for future reference whenever I need a Bike to buy. thanks a lot for sharing this useful information with us. Your website is so loving and pleasant to see.


    • 26/11/2018 at 10:10 pm

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for your comment and I am glad you found something useful on my site. Trek make great bikes, and if you manage to get one at a cheaper price, it is an extra bonus.

      I will be doing similar posts for other brands soon, so there will be lots of options for discounted bikes on my site.

      Thanks again!


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