What Is Enduro mountain Biking?

What Is An Enduro mountain Bike?

What Is An Enduro mountain Bike? Mountain biking has a lot of different variables. These include, the rider’s ability and the terrain they ride. Some people may like to trail centres, some... Read more »
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How Dangerous is Mountain Biking?

A lot of people ask the question “How dangerous is mountain biking?”.  The question is usually followed by references to mountain bikers hurting themselves or hitting massive jumps. This is thanks to... Read more »
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How to buy a Hardtail Mountain Bike

Hardtail mountain bikes are more capable than you might think. Cross country racers, such as Emily Batty can ride their hardtail on pretty much any terrain. There are a few advantages of... Read more »
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Mountain Bike Hacks: Tricks of the Rider

There are some great mountain bike hacks that will make life easier, or even get you home after a technical issue. Here are the MTB-Threds mountain bike hacks. Cable Ties Cable ties... Read more »

How to get better at Mountain Biking

When you ware looking in to how to get better at mountain biking, you need goals no matter what level you are currently at. You could be an experienced downhill hero, or... Read more »
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The Best Most Affordable Mountain Bikes: Ride for less

Mountain biking are expensive, but it becomes more affordable if you are realistic about what type of bike you need. A beginner, won’t need anything too fancy and expensive. This is also... Read more »
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Mountain Bike Maintenance guide: Why you should fix your own bike

Mountain bikes take some serious punishment. Rocks, roots, jumps, dirt and crashes take their toll on the components of our bikes. It is pretty impressive how much stress they can go through... Read more »
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What Is An Electric Mountain Bike?: Everything you need to know

In this post, I am going to answer the question of “what is an electric mountain bike?”. Electric mountain bikes are still dividing opinions. Some people see them as cheating, while others... Read more »
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Mountain Bike Tips Beginners Should Know: 10 things I wish I had been told

I remember being new to mountain biking and learning something new every time I went out on my bike. There is no substitute for experience, but here are some mountain bike tips... Read more »
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Winter Bike Tyres: How to buy the right ones for your ride

When the weather changes to something a further from dry and dusty, the riding experience changes somewhat. Winter means riding through slippy mud, snow and ice. It also means that you will... Read more »