What Mountain Bike Pedals To Buy?

You may not think that mountain bike pedals are that important. They are just thing that you rest your feet on and move your bike along right? Not really, they are actually... Read more »
Best Watches For Mountain Biking

Best Watches For Mountain Biking

Watches are clever things these days and are not just used to count down to lunch time anymore. There are lots of smartwatches on the market that are oozing with features, but... Read more »

What To Take Mountain Biking

From changes in the weather, to mechanical problems, mountain bike rides can be eventful. So it is best to be prepared. In this post I am going to go through a load... Read more »

What Mountain Bike Helmet To Buy

Mountain biking without a helmet is a pretty silly thing to do. There are a few people out there that say that it if you have a an accident a helmet won’t... Read more »

Best Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips: What to look for

Your grips are more important than most people think. Along with your pedals and and saddle, they are what connects you to the bike. Mountain bike handlebar grips make a huge difference... Read more »

Nukeproof Horizon Pedals: Review

Nukeproof Horizon Pedals: Review The Nukeproof Horizon pedals are what I have put on my Nukeproof Mega Al Pro 275. The conch shape, grippy pins, good sized platform and great looks, they... Read more »
mountain biking essentials

Mountain Biking Essentials: Everything you need for Mountain Biking

You have been mountain biking for a little while now and starting to develop some skills. Now it is time to put together your inventory of mountain biking essentials. In this post... Read more »
best bike car racks

Best Bike Car Racks

For many mountain bikers, riding to the trails is not an option and not everyone can fit their bikes, all the equipment and trail buddies in to their car. Therefore, a bike... Read more »
Insta360 One X for mountain biking

Insta360 One X: Possibly The Best Action Camera for Mountain Biking

I have seen a lot of action camera footage on social media recently. At first, I liked what I saw, but thought the constant “fish eye” style of video would get a... Read more »

Best Mountain Bike Upgrades: It is fun to customise

Unless you are spending lots of money on a brand new bike, it is rare that everything on it is perfect for you. There are a couple of reasons that you may... Read more »