mountain bike pedals

Mountain Bike Pedals: Everything you need to know

As with your saddle and handlebar grips, your mountain bike pedals are points of contact with your bike. They are not just for powering along. Your choice of mountain bike pedals can... Read more »
Best Mountain Bike Saddles

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Saddles: And buyers guide

Where you put your bum is very important, therefore I thought I would put together a guide to the best mountain bike saddles. I have also found the best ones on the... Read more »
mountain bike sale

Mountain Bike Computers: What you need to know

Here is my guide to mountain bike computers. Most riders love statistics. Distance, speed and ride time are just some of the numbers you can track with mountain bike computers. It is... Read more »
Otterbox phone cases

Otterbox Phone Cases: Perfect for mountain biking

Taking your phone on a ride is a really good idea. Not only can you track your ride with Strava, but it is useful if you find yourself in trouble. However, it... Read more »
best mountain bike backpacks

Best Mountain Biking Backpacks: The 4 best packs you can buy

You may riding for a long time, so you should carry and easily access everything you need. Multi-tools, inner tubes, snacks and clothing are to name but a few. The best mountain biking... Read more »
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Mountain Bike Travel Bags: 5 of the best ones you can buy

Taking your pide and joy away on a plane can be quite stressful. When travelling with your bike, you put a lot of trust in the baggage handlers and the bag you... Read more »
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Mountain Bike Tyres: Tubes or Tubeless?

I see a lot of people on various social media groups asking “Is it worth going tubeless?”. So hopefully I will be able to put the ultimate mountain bike tyres question to... Read more »
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The 4 Types of Bike Lock: Keeping your ride safe from scum bags

I have been doing some research on the different types of bike lock available. Unfortunately, this wonderful world does have its fair share of scum bags. They will take any opportunity to... Read more »
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Mountain Bike Tools: What every rider should have

The simple fact is that bikes break. It is no wonder really, with the amount of punishment they take. Rocks, breaking bumps, trees, dirt and general wear and tear all shake and... Read more »
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Finding the best mountain biking GPS Watch: And 9 recommendations

Here is my guide to help you choose the best mountain biking GPS watch. Tracking your ride with one of these is a great thing to do. We can see how we improve... Read more »