The Best Mountain bike multi tool

Best mountain Bike Multi Tool: What to look for

It is a very good idea to carry a multi tool with you on your rides. Even though bikes are pretty well made these days, they experience lots of vibration, which eventually... Read more »
mountain bike maintenance

Mountain Bike Maintenance guide: Why you should fix your own bike

Mountain bikes take some serious punishment. Rocks, roots, jumps, dirt and crashes take their toll on the components of our bikes. It is pretty impressive how much stress they can go through... Read more »
bicycle storage solutions

Bicycle Storage Solutions: The best ways to store your bike safely

Depending on where you keep your bike, just propping you bike up against the wall can be a bit of a pain. It means it could get in the way or knocked... Read more »
best bike pumps

How to Choose the Best Bike Pumps

This may not be the most exiting subject, but keeping your tyres inflated is pretty important. Choosing the best bike pumps is will ensure that you have the optimum amount of air... Read more »
how to clean a bike

Washing a Mountain Bike – 6 Steps for keeping your bike clean

Sometimes riding when it is wet and muddy is great fun. In some countries, you would never go out on your bike if you waited for good weather. However, putting your bike... Read more »
mountain bike chain lube

Mountain Bike Chain Lube: Use the right stuff

Mountain bike chain lube keeps your drive train running smoothly and quietly. It will also move with less resistance, which will mean your pedaling is more efficient. The lube stops dirt and... Read more »
mountain bike tools

Mountain Bike Tools: What every rider should have

The simple fact is that bikes break. It is no wonder really, with the amount of punishment they take. Rocks, breaking bumps, trees, dirt and general wear and tear all shake and... Read more »
Karcher OC3 Cordless Pressure Washer

Karcher OC3 Cordless Pressure Washer: Review

We live in an apartment in Morzine, and our garage is quite a long way from a tap or a power source. This makes it a bit awkward for washing our bikes.... Read more »