Bicycle Storage Solutions: The best ways to store your bike safely

Depending on where you keep your bike, just propping you bike up against the wall can be a bit of a pain. It means it could get in the way or knocked over. This could damage your bike your car. Luckily there are some great bicycle storage solutions, to keep your bike out of harm’s way.

Indoor Bicycle Storage Solutions

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted bicycle storage solutions are really good if you don’t have much floor space. You can bolt various types of mounts to the wall of your garage to get those bike out of the way.

Before you start drilling holes, there are a few things that you must consider.

  1. Make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the weight – It would be pretty inconvenient if the wall crumbled as soon as you hung your bike up, sending it crashing in to the ground
  2. Are you allowed to drill holes? – If you live in rented accommodation you might want to look for an alternative to wall mounted bicycle storage solutions. This is because your landlord may not want holes drilling in to their wall. Also, some versions are permanent and cannot be removed.
  3. Location – Some of these wall mounted bicycle storage solutions use security bolts. This means you won’t be able to take them down and move them. Therefore, be certain that where you choose to mount them is the best place for them.

The Best Wall Mounted Bicycle Storage Solutions

X-Tools Wallmount Bike Storage Hanger

The X-Tools Wallmount bike storage hanger is a very robust way to store your bike indoors. It is held on to the wall with four masonry screws, which are supplied when you buy it. This solution is great for mountain bikes and will accommodate a 2.5″ wide tyre. It is fine for road bikes, but you may find that a road bike may swing if knocked, due to the thin tyres. However, the hook will prevent it falling off the wall.


One of the more robust indoor wall mounted bicycle solutions, however it is better for mountain bikes than road bikes.The reasonable price makes it a good option to buy a few of these for all your bikes. You can easily stagger them on the wall to overlap the handlebars, keeping them close together.


Clug Hybrid Bike Holder

The Clug Hybrid Bike Holder is a nice elegant way of hanging your bike on the wall. It looks less industrial than other bike storage solutions, therefore if you store your bike in your apartment, it will look a bit nicer. It is primarily designed for road bikes, however it will accommodate a 2.5″ mountain bike tyre.


A super simple solution for storing your bike indoors. It looks more stylish than most storage solutions, therefore it will look nice in an apartment.

BBB Parking Hook Storage Hook

Not as pretty as the Clug, but the BBB Parking Hook is a simple solution to store your bike in the garage. There is not a lot to say about it, other than it is a heavy-duty hook. Therefore, if you have a large heavy 29″ bike, this will be sufficient to keep your bike safe.


A robust and simple way of hanging your bike on the wall.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling mounted bicycle storage solutions are very useful if you have the head room. This method also frees up floor space, and is ideal if you don’t have any wall space to mount your bikes. The main thing you need to consider, is to be sure that the part of the ceiling you are mounting is strong enough to take the weight. You really don’t want your bike dropping on to your car or head.


These will obviously work as wall mounts too, and are the simplest to install. If you have a wooden beam, you can simply screw the hooks in by hand. You may want to use more than one to make sure the weight of your bike is sufficiently supported.


Super easy to install and very cheap. Just make sure the beam you crew them in to is strong enough to support your bike.

Bike Stands

Bike Stands are useful for stacking multiple bikes. These are great if you have two bikes, as you can suspend one over the other. A great example is the Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand.

This is actually quite an elegant way of storing your bikes. Therefore, you can use this inside the house as well as your garage. It will support most bikes, but if you have a square or funny shaped top tube, this may not be the best solution for you. It is ideally suited to bike with round top tubes, weighing no more than 18kg each.


A nice way to store two bikes anywhere in the home, as long as they are not big bruisers.

Bicycle Security

Bikes are expensive and unfortunately very attractive to thieves. Therefore, I recommend that you lock them up whenever you are not riding them, even in your garage. There are a few different security solutions for bikes, for at home and for when you have stopped off somewhere. Click here to see the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 different types of bike lock

What Bicycle Storage Solutions do you use?


Have I missed something out, or do you have an ingenious way of storing your bikes? Let me know in the comments section below.

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