Buying a bike in a mountain bike sale is really satisfying. With a bit of research, you may be able to find your dream bike for a fraction of the normal price. You may even find a much better alternative in a mountain bike sale. Here is my guide to buying a bike in a mountain bike sale, and where you can find the best deals online for each type of bike.

Mountain Bike Sale – Hardtails

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Mountain Bike Sale – Full Suspension

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Mountain Bike Sale – Electric Bikes

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Buying A Mountain Bike

When you are looking for a new bike you need to make sure you get the best one for you. It isn’t just choosing the cheapest one in the mountain bike sale. One of the deciding factors of which bike to buy is definitly budget. But, if you are lucky, the perfect bike may come up at the best price at the right time.

At the start of the decision process, you may have your heart set on  a full suspension bike. But, during your research, you may realise that a hardtail will be sufficient for what you need, and better value for money. If you see a hardtail for the same price as a full suspension bike, the hardtail will usually be a better bike. It will have higher quality components, that will last longer.

The other main thing to consider before you hit the mountain bike sale, is the terrain you are riding. As this determines what type of bike you should be looking at. In short, the type of bikes and what they are used for is as follows:


Cross country bikes are super lightweight, and are designed primarily for riding uphill as fast as possible. You will find that most cross-country bikes are hardtails, as it makes climbing more easier. Their suspension travel is usually between 80mm and 100mm. Meaning you will be shaken up a bit on the rough stuff, but you will fly up the hills.Trail –

Trail Bikes

This is the type of bike you will see the most of, as they are very versatile. They have a good balance of being able to ride up and down hills effectively. These bikes are ideal for trail centres and are great fun all round bikes. Trail bike suspension travel is typically between 120mm and 140mm, meaning they will soak up a lot of the bumps you would expect at a trail centre.


Also referred to as “All Mountain” bikes, Enduro bikes are a bit like trail bikes, but much tougher. This is what I ride, because they are ideal for riding around the French Alps (where I live). Enduro bikes, allow you to ride up the mountain and tackle the technical descents associated with them. Typically, the suspension travel is 160mm to 170mm (mine has 180mm), front and back. Unless you have a 29″ wheel, where you would have around 155mm travel.

Enduro bikes are the all round bikes that can take you anywhere.

Fat bikes

These have huge wheels with big squishy tyres and no suspension, as the bumps are soaked up by the tyres. These are originally designed to allow the rider to ride on snow or sand, due to the large contact area of the tyre. But they are also used a bit more generically now, as they are great fun and give the rider confidence, as they have excellent grip.Downhill

Downhill Bikes

Just as the name suggests, these bikes are made to get you down a hill or mountain as fast as possible. Downhill bikes are big bruisers with suspension travel ranging from 170mm to over 200mm. The way these bikes absorb bumps is pretty mind boggling. Downhill riders will be hitting jumps, rock gardens, berms (banked corners) and other man-made features. It is pretty hardcore stuff, therefore riders will wear full face helmets and body armour.

Buy one of these if you have access to chairlifts or uplifts, as they are heavy and geared to make you accelerate downhill. They are very difficult to pedal uphill, therefore you will see a lot of downhillers pushing their bikes up. If you are looking at buying your first bike, do not buy a downhill bike. They have too much travel and weight for novice riders to control. You will also be restricted to the amount of riding you can do. You will be better off buying a hardtail trail bike for your firt one.

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Electric Mountain Bikes

There are hardtail and full suspension electric mountain bikes. Which type you choose, is the same as a regular mountain bike, and depends on the terrain you ride. The big advantage of electric mountain bikes, is that you can access terrain that that would be impossible or very difficult to get to on a regular mountain bike.

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Once you have your Bike

mountain bike sale

You have now got your new bike from the mountain bike sale and you are exited to hit the trails and explore its posibilities. But, there are a few things you need to look in to before you go for a ride to get the most out of it.


You really need to get a helmet, as riding a bike without one is pretty stupid. Also, most trail centres won’t let you in without one. With helmets, (as with anything) you get what you pay for, and it is your head we are talking about here, so you should get a good one. There are a few different types of helmet for mountain biking:

Open Face

Usually used for cross country riding that look a bit like road bike helmets. However, they are bulkier and have more coverage.


These helmets are heavier and give more coverage and offer more safety. This is because they are used for more technical riding.

Full Face

These look more like motor bike helmets, as they protect your whole face and chin. These are a must for downhill riders and some enduro riders.


These give you the best of both worlds. They have removable chin bars, to essentially give you two helmets in one.

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Knee and Elbow Pads

Not everyone likes to wear knee and elbow pads, but they can give you the extra bit of confidence you need to push yourself. If there is a particularly technical trail or jump you have always wanted to tackle, pads will help you mentally. They will obviously help you physically when you hit the ground too.

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Wearing the correct clothing for mountain biking is essential for staying comfortable when you are on a ride. It is tempting to just throw on an old cotton t-shirt, but it will get sweaty gery quickly and won’t dry out, making you cold. There are lots of fantastic brands that make mountain bike specific clothing, that you should look in to.

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mountain bike sale

Now you have your bike and protection, you need to know where to ride. If you are in the UK, you will find some great trails in Wales. Click here to learn about Llandegla and here to learn about Coed y Brenin. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging, you may want to head for the alps. Morzine and the Portes du Soleil in France have world class mountain bike trails. As does Finale Ligure and La Thuile in Italy.


Even though you got your bike cheap in the mountain bike sale, you should still look after it. Mountain bikes take a lot of punishment on the trails and will break eventually. However, if you look after it properly, you can avoid expensive repair bills.  The most basic part of mountain bike maintenance, is cleaning it. Getting all that mud off is essential for keeping the components of you bike from wearing out.

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As a mountain biker, you will need a collection of tools. How many, and which tools you buy is all down to how much work you want to do yourself.

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Keeping you bike safe from theives is very important. Losing your bike like this is heart breaking, so you need to protect it with a decent lock. There are a few different types of bike lock, and they are all explained here.


Once you have ridden your new bike a few times, you will realise that it can be improved. These improvements will also become more apparent with experience and as your riding develops. The other thing, is that customizing your bike is fun.

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What bike are you going to buy?

Let me know what your choice is and why you chose it in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the MTB-Threads newsletter!

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