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I have been told that women find it difficult to buy good mountain bike clothes. They are out there, you just need to spend a bit of time looking for the good stuff. Or just come to this site and check out what I have found for you! The style and design of some mountain bike clothing (for men and women) can be a bit rubbish. I find that they can look a bit geeky or cheap. Well not this stuff. It looks cool, is functional and should last. Here is my list of some of the best mountain bike clothes women can buy.

Let’s start at the top

The Bell Super 3R is my favourite helmet so far, because it is ideal for the type of riding I do (it is a unisex helmet). This helmet is extremely comfortable, not because it is all squidgy and plush in there, but because it is so light and airy, you forget it you have it on. You can read my full review of it here, but in a nutshell it is very versatile as the chin guard is removable.

Essentially you have two helmets in one. On those rides where you are less likely to smash your face in and want the extra air flow, just leave the chin guard at home or in your pack. When the trail gets a bit interesting, you can put it on to protect your face if the worst happens. Quite a few of my friends use this helmet too, luckily we all have different colours.

best mountain bike clothes womenThe Bell Super 3R is available at Chainreaction between £129.99 and £152.99

If you are looking for something a little less hardcore you could go for the one without the chin guard. The Bell Super 3, offers the same advantage of lightness and the “not there” feeling. You won’t get too hot in this one either, as it has 27 vents letting air flow through. The comfort is improved by being able to adjust the fit with the dial on the back. You can actually buy the chin guard separately if you feel you are starting to get more ambitious in your riding. It also has a GoPro mount on the top, that breaks away in the event of a fall, to reduce the likelihood of an injury.

mountain bike clothes women

This version of the Bell Super 3 is currently available here for £89.99

An alternative to Bell

It’s not all about Bell though, you should also check out the Giro Chronicle. It is designed to be an affordable helmet that will give you all the protection you need when it gets a bit techy. The fit is easily adjustable and the sun visor is shaped to allow a good fit for goggles. Inside, it has hydrophilic padding. This stuff can absorb ten times its own weight in water, so when you get a sweaty head, it doesn’t run into your eyes. Not that that should be too much of a problem, because it has a fancy way of ventilating itself. The Roc Loc Air Fit System exhausts warm air and lets cool air flow over the top of your head. It also looks pretty good, for a helmet.

mountain bike clothes womenYou can buy the Giro Chronicle here for £71.99 and is currently discounted by 28%

Keep the mud out of your eyes

You can go for goggles or glasses for this job. I prefer goggles, as my eyes always water with the slightest breeze going in through the sides of glasses.

Choosing goggles is a matter of preference, as they all do the same job. You may want to change the lens to suit what you want. But even on a sunny day I use clear a lens, because I want to see if there are any sneaky tree roots or anything that will catch me out as the light changes through forests. An example of a good pair of goggles is the 100% Accuri OTG. They are slightly over sized for those who wear glasses, so you can fit them under the goggles. You can get these in a range of colours.

mountain bike clothes womenThese are available for £39.99 here

For those of you who prefer glasses over goggles, you might as well go for the most versatile pair. The Vilisun Polarized Sports Sunglasses have a lot going for them. They have 5 interchangeable lenses for different conditions and come with a handy case to keep all the bits in. For this price, they are very good.

mountain bike clothing womenGet yours from Amazon for £14.99

The Top Half

If you ride regularly, it is a good idea to have a few good jerseys. Have a look at my guide to buying a mountain bike jersey if you haven’t seen it yet. Nukeproof have released a really nice clothing range for 2018. Their products are high quality, with all the necessary features for comfort. But the Blackline collection is also ecofriendly, as the fabrics are made from recycled coffee!

mountain bike clothing womenThe Nukeproof Blackline Ladies Long sleeve jersey is available here from £31.50

A great short sleeve top is the Race Face Trigger. I like Race Face clothes, they have a nice subtle, but cool style. But they are also great quality, and the Trigger is no different. It is a technical T-shirt that will keep you comfortable on those warm days. These types of jerseys are great for when you are off the bike too.

mountain bike clothing womenThis great Race Face Trigger jersey is available for £25.79

For more examples of women’s mountain bike jerseys click here.

Keep warm and Dry

You may want a decent jacket to keep you comfortable during your ride. This year POC have released their new Resistance Enduro Women’s Wind Jacket. The Resistance jacket is a windbreaker, but it is also water resistant due to its DWR coating. It is a light and compact jacket that you can zip in to its own chest pocket, allowing you to easily stow it in your back pack. The elbows even have stretchy bits, for when you want to use your elbow pads.

In my opinion, this jacket looks really nice and is a very practical option for spring and summer riding.

mountain bike clothing womenThe POC Resistance Jacket is available for £92.99 at Amazon

Hold on

A good pair of gloves is important. They obviously keep your hands warm, but they help with grip on your handle bars. Glove choice is quite a personal preference, but the Fox Ripley gloves are a good example of what you should be looking for. They are stretchy and have an absorbent sweat wipe on the back of the thumbs. The other good thing about them is, that the fingertips allow good grip on your brake levers. They also make it possible for you to use a touch screen without taking them off.

mountain bike clothes women

These are currently 50% from Chainreaction for £10.99

Keep your thighs covered

If you are unaware why a good pair of mountain bike shorts is a good idea, have a look at my guide here. Here are some really nice ladies specific mountain bike shorts you should consider.

The Troy Lee Designs Rukus shorts are ideal for muddy days on the trail, due to their coverage. They are tough and provide you with some really good protection. They are also water and mud resistant to keep you comfortable. The seams have been positioned to prevent chaffing on those long rides. Pockets are also really important, and these have zipped pockets to keep your phone and cash safe. These are a premium pair of shorts that will last you a fair few seasons.

mountain bike clothing women Buy these on sale from Chainreaction from £51.75

A great alternative is available from our old friend Race Face. The Khyber is another hard wearing pair of shorts. These shorts are well vented and water resistant. They are really well-designed, with great pocket location and well-thought-out seams and panels. You will find that they are a bit more expensive than the TLD Ruckus, but they are arguably worth the extra investment.

mountain bike clothes womenThese are available from Amazon from £66.99

On your feet

Mountain bike shoes may not be on the top of your list to buy, as a lot of people swear by converse or skate trainers. However, you wouldn’t believe how much grip they add to your pedals. I used flat trainers when I first started and my pedals chewed up the soles pretty quickly and they didn’t offer much protection. Buying some proper MTB shoes, was a revelation!

Five Ten Freeriders

The Freeriders are a firm favourite among mountain bikers. This is because they are very very comfortable, and the “stealth rubber” soles are extremely  grippy. They are so comfy, I have two pairs of the men’s version, one to ride in and one to walk around in. I think the only bad thing about these shoes is, that the colour options are limited for ladies.

mountain bike clothes women

These are available from Chainreaction for £89.99

For a few alternatives to the Five Tens, have a look at this selection of flat pedal mountain bike shoes.

If you ride in the wet quite a lot and find yourself getting cold feet, you may want to consider your sock choice. OK these may seem a bit overkill to some people, but Sealskinz waterproof socks are pretty amazing. They are breathable, comfortable and stop your feet getting wet. These have the hydro stop system too, which prevents water getting in over the top of the opening. You can use them for hiking too, especially if you have to cross a stream or a massive puddle.

mountain bike clothes womenSealskinz socks are available from Amazon for £25.63

Now you have some good examples of the best mountain bike clothes women can buy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope there are some items you like. I will be updating this page and adding similar ones to the site. Is there anything you would like to see, or know more about? Please let me know in the comments below.

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