Best Mountain Bike Upgrades: It is fun to customise

Unless you are spending lots of money on a brand new bike, it is rare that everything on it is perfect for you. There are a couple of reasons that you may want to change things around. One reason, is that certain components don’t suit the type of terrain you ride. Additionally, as you get more experienced, your style of riding will evolve, and you notice how you can make improvements to your bike. The best mountain bike upgrades will keep you riding longer, giving you an alternative to buying a new bike, add safety and make riding more fun.

Here are a few of the best mountain bike upgrades you should start spending money on.

Tyresbest mountain bike upgrades

Tyres are very important, and the right ones will make a huge difference to your riding. The right tyre for your type of riding will give you the necessary rolling resistance, braking power and grip.

One of the most popular brands for tyres is Maxxis. They have a huge range of tyres for all types of riding.

Click here for a rundown of the best tyres in the Maxxis range

The main tyre upgrade is going tubeless. There are many people who still say that tubeless tyres are a waste of time….they are wrong. Tubeless tyres eliminate punctures, unless you get a particularly nasty rip. They also allow you to run lower tyre pressures, giving you extra grip.

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Handlebars, stems and Grips

Changing your handlebars can improve the handling of your bike, and can help with a few other aspects of your riding. For example wider bars give you more control, and the wide position opens up your chest, making it easier to breathe. Choosing a material such as carbon, will reduce the weight of your bike and can absorb some of the shock on rough terrain, which will reduce fatigue in your arms.

The length of the stem alters your centre of gravity. A short stem is beneficial for riders who spend a lot of time on steep descents, as your centre of gravity is moved backwards. Longer stems are good for those who do a lot of climbing.

Changing your grips is one of the best mountain bike upgrades you can do. This is because they are one of the cheapest upgrades, and they have a surprising effect on your riding. Your handlebar grips are where you get all the feedback from the bike and they are your point of contact to tell the bike what to do.

Click here for all the information about choosing handlebars stems and grips


mountain bike pedals

The other important contact points you have with your bike, is your feet. Therefore, a good set of pedals is a great upgrade for your bike. There are a few different types to choose from, but you need to decide if you want to be clipped on to the bike or not. There are advantages and disadvantages of both, but if you are a novice, you may want to stay with flat pedals.

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You may want to upgrade your shoes to proper mountain bike shoes too, click here to see the best flat pedal mountain bike shoes you can buy.

Chain Guides

One of the things I like to do is make my bike as tough and maintenance free as possible. Doing this makes the bike more simple and reduces the thing that can go wrong with it.

When riding bumpy trails it is possible for your chain to come off. This is very frustrating and potentially dangerous, so I recommend fitting a chain guide. These not only stop your chain coming off, but some of them protect your chain ring from rock bashes too.

Click here for all the information about chain guides

Dropper Seat posts are the best mountain bike upgrades ever

how to choose a mountain bike

**Warning!** – Once you have used a dropper seat post you will won’t be able to go back.

When you tell someone what a dropper seat post is, they just think you are lazy. But, using one is a game changer.

If you are unaware of what a dropper seat post is, it is a seat post that moves up and down with the flick of a switch on your handlebars. It gives you the advantage of being able to finely adjust your riding position depending on the terrain. When you are climbing, you put it up, but, when you are on the descent, you can easily drop it out of the way.

There is a problem though, and that is that they are quite expensive. But, they add convenience, save your energy and keep you flowing on the trails. I can’t recommend them enough.

Click here to learn more about dropper seat posts 

Brakesmountain bike upgrades

Having extra stopping power is always a good thing, therefore upgrading your brakes is also worth doing. This is quite an expensive upgrade, but quality brakes not only give you more stopping power, but they give you more control. This is because they are easier to modulate, making it easier to control your descent.

Click here to learn all about mountain bike brakes

If you have any questions or comments about the best mountain bike upgrades, please leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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