Mountain Bike Elbow Pads: The 4 best pairs you can buy

Mountain Bike Elbow Pads: The 4 best pairs you can buy

I have written posts on this site on what to buy to keep you as injury free as possible. I have told you about my favourite helmet so far and given you some great examples of body armour. Now it is time to discuss mountain bike elbow pads.

Not everyone wears them, but personally, I feel quite vulnerable without them. We all know what it is like to bang your elbow on a door frame, but banging it while traveling at 35mph in to some rocks is a bit more serious. A good pair of mountain bike elbow pads can give you confidence as well ads protection.

It is good to do some research on these, I have done it for myself and I am about to share my findings with you.

What to look out for

Mountain bike elbow pads, in my opinion are essential if you are doing anything particularly technical. They should be tight-fitting, but not uncomfortable. You don’t want them to slip down your arm when it gets bumpy, or when you end up skidding down the trail elbow first.

You can get heavy duty hard plastic pads, but I really like the ones with clever technical foam. This stuff feels soft, but it hardens up on impact. They are really comfortable and allow you to move freely. These pads are kept in place with either velcro straps or they are elasticated.


I am going to start off with the ones that I use. I bought these after my cheap ones failed me, and left a very grazed elbow with a big lump on it. These mountain bike elbow pads are comfortable and flexible enough for the required freedom of movement. They are ideally suited to be directly on your skin, rather than on top of your jersey. This is because the insides have non-slip neoprene panels. There is also a velcro strap to keep them in place. They have slipped down on occasion, but only on really bumpy downhill trails (I do have really skinny arms though). I have had a few offs with them and they have served me well.

Verdict: They have been impact tested by yours truly. They are comfortable, light and durable, I recommend these pads and haven’t had any issues in the two years I have had them.

mountain bike elbow pads

The POC VPD Air is available from Evans Cycles for £60

Availability for these is very low at the moment, but you can get them from Amazon too. Click here for the cheapest ones I have found.

G-Form Elite

We are going a bit techy with this one. G-Form make all sorts of protection for many sports, and they use the same technology all round. This is a modular pad attached to a tight-fitting moisture wicking sleeve. G-Form use Reactive Protective Technology (RPT). On impact, its molecules redistribute to harden up and to disperse the shock, before going back to normal.

The fit of these pads is pretty impressive. It is almost like a second skin, with the way it articulates with your arm. It has really good coverage too, as it provides protection above and below the elbow. You will always get a bit sweaty in any elbow pad and this is no different. But it does have a mesh panel to keep you ventilated as much as possible.

Verdict: The G-Form Elite are pricey, but they offer a lot of protection and comfort. If you don’t mind paying the extra, I recommend that you give them a try.


mountain bike elbow padsThe G-Form Elite are available from Chainreaction for £84.99


IXS Carve Evo +

My wife, Carolyn has these, and she really likes them. They are light, comfortable and secure. The aeromesh technology makes them breathable while wicking away moisture. These pads are ergonomically formed and have adjustable straps to ensure that they don’t move when the trail gets bumpy. For extra security they have soft silicon strips inside to reduce the likelihood of them slipping.

Verdict: Great lightweight and comfortable pads, with great protection. Tried and tested by Carolyn on a number of occasions. They look pretty good too.

mountain bike elbow padsThe IXS Carve Evo+ is available from Chainreaction for £69.99

Race Face Ambush

The Race Face Ambush keeps you safe with D30 foam, this is soft to the touch until it gets a whack. Then it goes hard and disperses the shock of the impact. The material in contact with your skin is perforated neoprene, allowing good ventilation. These are very comfortable and are very durable. However, make sure you get the sizing right as they are slightly smaller than you would expect. My one gripe with these, is that the rough side of the velcro strap will be in contact with your jersey. This means it will rub and snag, but you can always check out my selection of jerseys for men here and women here.

Verdict: Great comfortable and secure, as long as you get the size right. May snag your jersey.


mountain bike elbow padsThe Race Face Ambush Elbow Pads are available from Chainreaction for £54.99


These mountain bike elbow pads will save your skin

Well, the bit on your elbow anyway. When you hit the deck and your pads land first, you will be glad that you were wearing them. Let me know what you think. Have I missed anything or is there something else you would like to know? Leave your comments and questions below.






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2 responses to “Mountain Bike Elbow Pads: The 4 best pairs you can buy”

  1. Ha says:

    Thank you for sharing the different types of mountain bike elbow pads. I can totally see that they would help when I fall during my trail riding. A helmet is a must.

    I can see why your wife choose the IXS Carve Evo +. They look pretty nice. I wonder if we can take advantage of them for rollerblading, skate boarding, or another roller sports?

    • Tom Fortune says:


      Thanks for commenting. I don’t see why they could not be used for other sports. They are pretty comfy and stay in place well.

      Happy riding!

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