Lake MX237: The ideal MTB Shoe?

The Lake MX237 is a versatile shoe that is ideal for aggressive riders. They have a very tough, durable upper made from leather. This gives you very good protection from rock strikes and from the elements. The Lake MX237 also has a stiff carbon sole, making it ideal for riders who like to ride with speed. They do a great job of maximising power transfer, while still being comfortable on and off the bike.

The grippy soles have rubber knobbly bits on them to stop you slipping over when walking around in the mud.

They have a dual boa system closure dials that allows you to quickly adjust the fit to make it perfect for you.

Features of the Lake MX237 Mountain Bike Shoe


  • Upper: Full grain leather and mesh
  • Outsole: Lake Race 100% Carbon Fiber Sole with Mountain Race X real rubber sole
  • Lining: Leather heel lining
  • Closure: Dual Side mounted Push/Pull BOA lacing system with releasable lace guides
  • Last: Competition Last: The Competition last is specifically shaped for optimal power transfer and comfort. Like the CFC race last, the Competition last puts the foot in a position that allows the energy to be focused to the spindle but also offers more room for the forefoot to expand allowing for a comfortable fit for extreme long distance riding.

Lake MX237 Sole and Last

The outsole of the Lake MX237 is 100% carbon fibre. It is stiff enough for XC riding and racing. It has been designed to have a bit less flex than the MX332 . This may suit people that don’t get on with super stiff soles.

Lake work hard on getting the fit right, so the company uses different lasts for different uses. This means that you get the ideal size and fit based on your type of riding. The Lake MX237 has a “competition last”. This is designed for performance riding and racing. It has a larger toe and heel pitch designed to put the foot in a position that maximises power transfer.

In comparison, the cheaper Lake MX105 shoe uses the “comfort last”. This is flatter, making it more comfortable when off the bike.

As I said before the Lake MX237’s rubber sole lugs provide very good grip. But, they also keep the cleat from sticking out beyond the lugs. This means you have less chance of slipping on the metal cleat.

Lake MX237 Fit

The design of the upper makes the Lake MX237 ideal for riders who like to ride in all conditions. It is made from tough leather and protects you  from mud, rocks, roots, and whatever you encounter.

The Lake MX237 shoes are light weight for the price, but if protection is high on your wish list , these are a great choice. You get Helcor abrasion-resistant patches added to toe and heel area for extra protection too.

With the dual boa dials, you will be able to get the Lake MX237 to fit easily. The L5 dial system turns in both directions so you can quickly tighten or loosen the fit in one-millimeter increments. The Boa also has a lifetime guarantee, so any parts that do break are replaced for free.

The heel is lined with a rough cats’s tongue Lycra preventing any slipping, by holding on to your sock. Since the shoe doesn’t flex like it would with a soft sole, it adds some extra grip to keep the heel in place.

Riding with the Lake MX237

You will find that the leather upper is initially stiff and needs to be broken in. But, the stiffness will reduce after a few hours.

They are tough and comfortable enough for riding park laps, but they are best at hammering on long flat sections and steep inclines.

The Lake MX237 is a well ventilated shoe and should remain cool comfortable throughout the day.

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