New Dainese Clothing for 2019

Dainese make some excellent quality products. Using technology honed in the moto world, Dainese branched out in to protecting mountain bikers with some of the best protection products available. Mountin bike gear such as back protectors, knee and elbow pads have been made by Dainese since 1994.

Dainese have just released a new collection of mountain bike clothing for 2019. I have had an in-depth look in to it to see what it is all about.

Dainese HG Jersey

Dainese hg jersey

HG stands for High Gravity and this is a really nice jersey. The design and colours stand out, but not in an over the top flashy way.

The Dainese HG Jersey shirt has a wide enough fit to allow a back protector to be worn underneath. It is also tight enough to not flap around too much while you are charging. The back is nice and long, making sure you have plenty of coverage for  when you are in an aggressive riding position. The sleeve seams run on the inside of the elbow, rather than the length of the sleeve. This offers a lot of extra comfort. The sleeves are 3/4 length, they are tight enough to look natural, and can still be rolled up.

The fabric of the HG jersey has weaved pattern to prevent snags, when you come in to contact with some foliage (or the ground). The fabric is designed to be light enough for warmish weather, and wicks sweat as well as any lightweight, 100% polyester jerseys.

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Dainese AWA Shorts

Dainese AWA shorts

AWA stands for All-Weather Activity. However, these shorts are more light-n-breezy than the “AWA” name would suggest. Made of 86% nylon and 14% elastane, they are a solid choice for warm weather riding.

These shorts have waist adjustment straps inside of the front waistband. The lower-leg hem is longer at the front than the back. This is so they fit over your knee pads while not bunching up behind your knee. They have zipped pockets on both legs, large enough for your phone, or some snacks.

The Dainese AWA shorts are made with a similar weave pattern to the HG jersey in order to prevent snags and tears. The material is stretchy and breathabe for any long adventure under the sun.

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Trailknit Pro Armour Under Shorts

Trailknit short liners

In true Dainese style, the Trailknit Pro Armour shorts offer extra padding where it is needed. These short liners have removable hip pads. These feel similar to the padding in lighter, trail-oriented knee pads. They are flexible enough to move with you and you soon forget that they are there.

The Trailknit Pro Armour short fit a little like stretchy boxer-briefs. They are made with soft material, making them very comfortable. They would be improved with the addition of a silicone strip around the waist and cuffs to keep them in place. The material of the shorts is  thicker than a typical pair of lycra bibs shorts and may be a bit too warm for hot weather rides. 

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