Cheap Mountain Bike Clothing: Where to find the best deals

Mountain biking is an expensive sport, but it doesn’t mean you should make do with an old t-shirt and board shorts when you ride. If you do a bit of hunting around, you can find some really good deals on cheap mountain bike clothing. You may surprise yourself what you can find. Here is my guide to buying cheap mountain bike clothing and where to find it online.

Cheap Mountain Bike Clothing – Jerseys

cheap mountain bike clothing

It is tempting to go mountain biking wearing an old t-shirt. However, cotton soaks up your sweat, holds it, and takes a long time to dry out. This means that you will get cold and uncomfortable. Investing in a couple of decent mountain bike jerseys will make your ride much more pleasant.

Proper mountain bike jerseys wick sweat away from your body and dry quickly. This helps you regulate your body temperature. This is important when mountain biking, as you are will get hot when pedaling up hill and you cool down during the descents.

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When searching for cheap mountain bike clothing online, you don’t necessarily have to buy poor quality jerseys. Online bike shops are the best places to get jerseys cheaper, as they are always having sales and have lots of clearance items. If you are lucky, you may find a Jersey you like at the fraction of the normal price. Have a look at the links above, to find some great online sales for quality cheap mountain bike clothing.

Here are the best places to buy discounted mountain bike jerseys online.

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Cheap Mountain Bike Clothing – Shorts

Here are the best places to buy discounted mountain bike shorts online.

cheap mountain bike clothing

Mountain bike shorts are designed to move and stretch with you as you ride. They do this by using ergonomic design and strategically placed stretchy fabric. It is a good idea to by waterproof shorts if you ride in wet conditions, as they really make a difference to your comfort. The fabric mountain bike shorts are made from, is tough while being comfortable. This means that they are resistant to attacks from brambles, thorns and branches. They also offer you a little bit of protection when you hit the ground.

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The best mountain bike shorts are adjustable. This is so you can customise the fit to make sure they are secure and comfortable. They also need to be practical, look for ones with secure and waterproof pockets to protect the stuff you have not stashed in your backpack.

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Cheap Mountain Bike Clothing – Jackets

cheap mountain bike clothing

There are two trains of thought when buying a jacket for mountain biking. You may think that a jacket is likely to get ruined from being covered in mud or from falling off your bike. Therefore, you will just buy a cheap waterproof jacket from an outdoor shop. The other train of thought is that, spending a bit more money jacket fit for purpose is the best thing to do. I would recommend doing the latter. This is because a jacket made for mountain biking, will be breathable and will fit to give you unrestricted movement. There are lots of different types of jackets for mountain biking, and which one you choose depends on your budget and where you are riding.

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Here are the best places to buy discounted mountain bike jackets online.

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Cheap Mountain Bike Clothing – Shoes

cheap mountain bike clothing

Proper mountain bike shoes also absorb shock better than a pair of trainers, which helps when you are hitting jumps or taking on technical terrain. But, there are mountain bike shoes to suit every discipline, from lightweight cross-country shoes to enduro shoe. Theses are all available for flat pedals, with cleats or clipless.

If you like to ride with flat pedals, you will get by with a decent pair of flat “skate style” trainers. But, a proper pair of mountain bike shoes much better. They offer better power transfer and the super grippy, durable rubber soles, give you excellent grip on and off the bike.

For enduro, downhill or aggressive trail riding, you really want shoes with good support and protection. Some riders like high shoes for this reason. If you are looking for some shoes for winter riding, look for shoes that are waterproof and insulated. You may also want to look in to some waterproof socks to keep you comfortable on your ride.

The type of mountain bike shoes you choose depends on the type of pedals you use. If you like to clip in, you will need the necessary shoes to do so.

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Here are the best places to buy discounted mountain bike jackets online.

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