Fox Racing

Fox Racing: Great MTB Clothing Born from Dirt

Fox Racing is a brand from California. They are synonymous in the world of mountain biking and motocross. Fox Racing is part of the mountain bike furniture now, as they have been... Read more »
Marc Sutton

Great Mountain Bike Jerseys Men Can Buy

A good mountain bike jersey is worth the investment. They are designed for a specific job, taking in to account the way you move on you bike, where you need ventilation, protection... Read more »
mountain bike clothes women

Best Mountain Bike Clothes : Women

I have been told that women find it difficult to buy good mountain bike clothes. They are out there, you just need to spend a bit of time looking for the good... Read more »
discount mountain bike clothing

Discount Mountain Bike Clothing: Get the outfit Cheaper

This is quite exiting, I can actually help you save some money while you get some essential kit! By now, you are probably aware that mountain biking is not a cheap sport.... Read more »
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What Are The Best Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes?

If you don’t use proper flat pedal mountain bike shoes, you are missing a trick. They offer so much more grip than your normal trainers ever will. Their soles are made for... Read more »
mountain bike jerseys for women

Mountain Bike Jerseys For Women

Here are some of the best mountain bike jerseys for women. Go through each of the brands and find one that you like. These will keep you comfortable and looking good on... Read more »
men's mountain bike shorts

Men’s Mountain Bike Shorts: Recommended Top 5

Wearing the correct clothing for any sport or activity can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and performance. Those of you new to mountain biking will probably just throw on a... Read more »
Sealskinz Waterproof MTB Socks

Sealskinz Waterproof MTB Socks: Review

There are lots of different clothing options to make riding on a wet day more comfortable. You may have thought about jackets, jerseys and shorts, but did you know you can keep... Read more »

Mountain Bike Clothing Brands: The recommended ones

There is a whole host of mountain bike clothing brands out there. They all have their own take on what mountain bikers want and need from their clothing. A big part of... Read more »
Fox Racing

Mountain Bike Shorts: What to buy

As I discussed in my post about what to look for in mountain bike jerseys, comfort on a ride is very important. Almost as important as looking good on the trails. But... Read more »